OYE Class Winner and Premium Sale Barrow
Reserve Grand

Leflore County

Reserve Grand

Harvey Carter

2nd in Class and
Premium Sale Qualifier


Congratulations to Landry Youngblood for doing a great job. Big Thanks to Chad Orum for assisting with this barrow.

Supreme Champion Breeding Gilt

2016 Minnesota State Fair FFA Show
Congratulations to Larissa Becker

OYE17 6th Overall Yorkshire Gilt

Shown by Cox Show Team


OYE17 Reserve Champion Spot Gilt
$9000 High Selling Spot in The OYE Night of Stars Gilt Sale


2017 Team Purebred SW Regional
Champion Spot & Reserve Grand Overall

Shown by Cox Show Team

Reserve Grand Barrow & Reserve Supreme Overall
Gaines County, TX


Special Thanks to Ray Perryman & Chad Orum for getting this barrow in great hands.


Congratulations to the Brown Family


7th Overall Premium Sale Hampshire Barrow
2016 Tulsa State Fair


Congratulations to Maddie Osborne
Twisted X x Time Out

Reserve Champion Spot Gilt
2016 Tulsa State Fair


Shown by Cox Show Team


15th Overall Commercial Gilt
2016 Tulsa State Fair
3rd Overall Cross

Ark/Ok State Fair


Sired by Twisted X
Shown by Cox Show Team

Grand Champion
Adair County


Sired by Beer Money


Champion York
Reserve Grand Champion

Haskel County

Congratulations to Saylor Thornton

Champion Spot 2016 World Pork Expo
World Pork Expo Junior Show
Class Winner
Reserve Grand Champion Bred & Owned Spot gilt


Shown by Cox Show Team


13th Overall Division II

Cross Barrow
2016 OYE

Reserve Grand Barrow
Leflore County Livestock Show

Reserve Grand
2016 Harvey Carter

Shown by Cox Show Team
Sired by Twisted X

Bronze Medallion Premium
Sale Spot Barrow
2016 OYE

Champion Spot
Southeast District

Champion Spot
Choctaw Nation Livestock Show Durant

Champion Spot Barrow
OKJSA Stillwater


Shown by Cox Show Team



Congratulations to Kaylyn Upchurch for making the 2016 OYE Night of Stars Gilt Sale. Thank you for putting in all the hard work it takes to succeed.

Grand Champion
Wheeler County Texas

Class Winner
Fort Worth


Congratulations to Jayce Lepps


Grand Champion

We have had the reserve or grand champion the last three years running at our county show with your dark crosses. This guy was grand champion this year. Thought I would share our successes and thank you for producing high quality livestock! Shown by Connor Cook

Champion York
Georgia National 2015

Champion York
Gwinnette County Georgia


Congratulations to Ginger Mitchell.
Sold in our Spring on line sale.


Washington County Livestock Show Champion Hamp & Reserve Grand Overall Sired by Twisted X Thanks to the Maybry family for doing a great job with this gilt. Sold in our 2015 Spring Sale

2015 Oklahoma Winter Jackpots
These littermates were:
5 Time Grand Champion
4 Time Res Grand Champion
12 Time Breed Champion
6 Time Res Breed Champion
OKJSA Grand Champion Twice
Res Grand Champion SE District

2015 Team Purebred Southwest Regional Champion Berkshire
Barrow & 3rd Overall.
10 times Champion Berkshire
Oklahoma Winter Jackpot Season

2015 Team Purebred Southwest Regional Champion Berkshire Gilt & 4th Overall

Congratulation to Jayce Lepp for exhibiting The Grand Champion Barrow @ Shamrock Livestock Show 2015 and 6th place overall @ Fort Worth Stock Show 2015


Arkansas State Fair Grand and Reserve Grand Yorkshire gilt
Purchased at the Vilonia Hog Sale.

Congratulations to Brooklyn Gray! Grand Champion Overall Borden County Fair. Thanks to Cody Hill for purchasing this barrow on our on-line sale.

Champion Spot Gilt
2014 Arkansas State Fair
Sold in Vilonia Spring Pig Sale
Congratulations to Bailey Finley

Grand Champion Market Swine
Southeast District Livestock Show
Pine Bluff, AR.
Shown by Ainsley Purifoy
Thank you for doing a
great job with this gilt.

Congratulation to Rayne Cranford!
Grand Champion
Cross and Reserve Champion Overall
Four States Fair in Texarkana


2014 Tulsa State Fair 3rd Overall Premium Sale Berkshire Barrow & Champion OPB Ark/Ok State Fair

Grand & Reserve Grand Champion Market Barrows
Sequoyah County Livestock Show

Thanks to the Trotter Family for doing an incredible job with this pair of barrows.

Grand Champion 2014 @ Oklahoma SE District OKJSA Banner Blow Out 4th Overall Crossbred Gilt
Shown by Cox Show Team





Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt @ 2014 OKJSA Banner Blow Out Reserve Grand Champion Market Gilt @ Leflore County Spring Livestock Show.
Shown by Cox Show Team

Grand Champion Market Barrow @ 2014 Leflore County Spring Livestock Show & Reserve Grand Champion @ Oklahoma SE District
Shown by Shayleigh Odom





2014 Champion York Latimer County Spring Livestock Show.
Thanks to Grace Montgomery & family for their online purchase & hard work put in with this gilt. .

2014 Champion York Gilt Delaware County Spring Livestock Show
Thanks to Andria Rowe & family for your online purchase & hard work with this gilt.





2014 Oklahoma Youth Expo Night of 100 Stars 5th Overall Spot Gilt.
Thanks to Jayci Braudrick & family for doing a great job with this gilt.

Champion Yorkshire Barrow
Congratulations to Sadie Hardison of Fredericksburg, TX !
2014 National Western Stockshow







Champion Light Cross Barrow
2013 Fall Classic




Grand Champion
Leflore County


2013 OYE Night of 100 Stars gilt
Thanks to Mark Ottenwalter for your $5500 purchase.

Shown by Cox Show Team

Grand Champion Market Hog
2013 Mississippi State Fair


Congratulations to Savanna Ashley!

She also had the Champion Lightweight Market Hog!

Reserve Champion Dark Cross
2013 Extravaganza

Champion Yorkshire
2013 Ft. Worth Stockshow


Congratulations to James Legg.

2013 Grand Champion
Bell County Texas
Shown by Cole Campbell

Congratulations to Cole and the Campbell family.

This pig was purchased at the Major League Pig sale in Snyder, Tx

Grand Champion Barrow
Southwest District Livestock Show, Louisiana


Congratulations to Sarah Watkins and family and a
special thanks to David Wilson.



This barrow was shown 11 times. 1st in class 8 times. Breed or Res. Breed 6 times. He was also 3rd in class at OYE.  Thanks to Lori Ross and the Ross family for doing a great job and having so much fun with this barrow.

Grand Champion
Southeast District Show

Grand Champion
Leflore Co

Premiun Sale Barrow
2012 OYE

Thanks Cox Show Team on good job

Thanks to...
Chris Fischbacker & Next Level Genetics for their $35000 purchase of our southwest entry.

For Mayhem semen call Chris at 806-336-2162

Reserve Hamp Champion
Leflore Co

Grand Champion
Wilburton OCPA jackpot

Class Winner & Sale Gilt
2012 OYE

Congradulations to Shayleigh and Jake

Grand Champion
Haskell Co

 Thanks to the Bowden family
for doing a great job with this gilt.

Look for her mothers litter out of
Bones at our spring sale

Grand Champion
Borden County, Texas

Shown by Paige Holbrooks



Grand Champion
Adair County

Shown by Stran Eubanks

Reserve Champion York Gilt
 2011 Tulsa State Fair

 Shown by Cox Show Team

5th Overall Comm. Gilt
 2011 Tulsa State Fair

 Shown by the Palmer Show Team

Class Winner / Sale Qualifier
 2011 Ar./Ok. State Fair

 Shown by the Palmer Show Team

Reserve Champion Hamp
 2011 Ar./Ok. State Fair

Shown by Palmer Show Team

Grand Champion
 2011 Ar./Ok. State Fair


 Shown by Shayleigh Odom
and the Cox Show Team

Reserve Grand Champion
 2011 Adair Co., OK

 Thanks to Mark Ottenwalter
for his $7000 investment

3rd Class 10
 2011 Houston, Dawson Co. 4-H


 Shown by Walker Wyatt

Thanks to the Wyatt family for doing
a great job with this barrow.

Class Winner & 6th Overall Commercial Gilt
 2011 OYE

 Thanks to Mark Ottenwalter
for his $7000 investment

Champion Commercial Gilt
 2011 Fort Worth Stock Show


 Shown by Shalyn Parker

Reserve Grand Champion
 2010 Arkansas State Fair


Reserve Grand Champion
Market Hog

 2010 SE District Fair

 Shown by Katie Richard

Grand Champion
 Ark/Ok State Fair2010

 Shown by Tanner Bowden
Grand Champion
Oklahoma Southeast District Show

Also, A Grand 5 more times in 2010
High Placing Heavy Weight Cross
2010 San Antonio Livestock Show

Shown by Jake Marler
Sold for $14000 in the premium sale
Reserve Champion Yourk Barrow
2010 San Antonio Livestock Show

Shown by Tyler Reiley.
Congratulation to the Reiley Family and Marvin Markham for doing such a great job.

Champion York
Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair 2009.

Shown by Tanner Bowden.
Full Brothers and Sisters will be in our May the 8th pig sale.

Grand Champion
Normangee Jr. Livestock Show 2010

Shown by Kody Harris
Congratulations to Kody Harris & Faimly for
doing such a great job


$8500 Res. Champion Hamp

2010 SWTC

Thanks to Kilmer Swine Farm for their investment
in The Real Deal!

For semen call Kilmers @ 574-943-3239

Grand Champion
Sherman Co., Tx.
2nd in Class

San Antonio 2010

Shown by Kade McBryde. 
Pigs like this will be in our May 8th sale. 


Res. Grand Champion

Sequoyah Co., Ok.

Shown by Ty Stegner.
Also, thanks to Jim OBryan for purchasing this barrow


Res. Division Champion
4th overall

Arkansas State Fair
Sold in the Arkansas Classic Pig Sale

Grand Champion Barrow

Oklahoma State Fair 2009

Grand Champion Purebred Barrow

N.J.S.A. Southwest Regional 2009

7 - breed Champions
1 - Reserve Champion
1 - Reserve Grand Champion

Shown by Brennan and MaKayla Fuller
Purchased in our last spring sale

Reserve Grand Champion Commercial Gilt

Oklahoma State Fair 2009

Shown by Kyle Whitley

Reserve Breed Champion Cross

2009 Adair County Fair

Shown By: Emily Baird

Congratulations to the Palmer Show Team on their success with this gilt purchased in our spring sale

Reserve Grand Champion

Adair County

Purchased in our spring sale
Shown by Hunter Woodward

Champion York

O'Donnell Lynn County

1st Place Middle Heavy

San Antonio 2009

Shown by Colton Taylor

Grand Champion

09 Southeast District Show

Grand Champion

Leflore Co.

Shown by the Cox Show Team

Grand Champion

2009 Adair County

Congratulations to the Johnson family this is 2yrs in a row they have had Grand with one of our hogs

Reserve Breed Champion Hamp

2009 Adair County

Thanks to Stran Eubanks and family for doing a great job.

class winner
6th overall commercial gilt

2009 OYE

Congratulations to Taylor Wolff & family
on your success.

Champion Spots Gilt

2009 Oklahoma Youth Expo

Shown by Russ Angeli

Congradulation to Russ Angeli and Ira Brimlee for doing a great job.


Full brothers and sisters will be
at our pig sale May 9th.

Grand Champion 5-times
Reserve Grand 4-times

Oklahoma in 09

Her dams march litter will sale in our May 9th sale

$5000 Oklahoma Youth
Expo york gilt

Shown by Cox Show Team.

Reserve Champion York

Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair 2008
Shown by Brooke Woods
Purchased in Cox and Craft Spring Sale.

Reserve Champion York

H.W. Division
08 San Antonio
Sshown by Drew Johnson

Reserve Champion York

08 Ft. Worth Stock Show
Sshown by Jill Johnson

Tulsa barrow Tulsa premium Sale
Shown by Carlie Newby

Champion York

Adair Co.

Shown by Chase Johnson
sold in Cox&Craft spring sale

Grand Champion

Franklin County Fair, Ohio

Grand Champion

Madison County Fair, Ohio

Grand Champion

Adair Co. 2008

Shown by Chase Johnson

old in Cox & Craft spring sale

Grand Champion Crossbred Gilt

Reserve Supreme Breeding Gilt

Wisconsin State Fair

Shown by Brian Wehrle

3 times grand champion
2 times reserve grand champion
11 times breed champion
2 time reserve breed champion
class champion at Oklahoma Youth

Shown by Cox Show Team

Champion Hamp Gilt

Stephens County

Reserve Grand Champion

Marlow District
Shown by Deekota Williams

Many times Champion

Shown by Cox Show Team

Hi Point Hamp Gilt

2008 OCPA
Shown by Carlie Newby

10 times champion york


2008 OCPA York Gilt

Shown by Madison Osborn

Grand Champion

Haskell County 2008.
Sold in Cox and Craft Sale

Reserve Grand Champion

Haskell County 2008

Sold in Cox and Craft Sale

Champion Cross

Adair County 07

Purchased in Cox & Craft Pig Sale

Champion York

Adair County 07

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